Before this whole blogging thing I had no idea about image copyright laws. Wow, you can’t just use a Goggle image search and plug any image you like into a blog. “Do ye want te get SUED?!” So I have, well, dived into is way too strong- sighed and grudgingly explored- the world of free image websites. Free stock images are… well, you’ll see, because that is almost all I’ll be using here. They range from advertising product images to grainy randomness. Why are stock images all I’ll be using? Mostly because I refuse to not be an active participant in life and turn myself into that sad, separate watcher of existence that we call: a photographer. No offense, photographers, though I’m sure quite a bit taken.

So to turn this into lemonade has led to… the first instalment of the Random Stock Image Blog Post! One of the free image sites I’m now a begrudging member of has a Random Image generator. And so every whenever-I-feel-like-it I will post a random stock image on the blog and comment on it!

And the first installment is…

square vent

(image courtesy of 3veritas)

A square vent on a hospital waiting room ceiling!

This image may look familiar because many, many readers have seen these while pleading for the life of a loved one! I wonder if the hospital vents think humanity is praying to them? What would this hospital vent’s response be? “I’m only a hospital vent! Please- I’d help if I could, but I have no power, none at all, to affect anything here! I mean, I’m flattered… but all of this is so misplaced! Pray to the doctors- they have at least a modicum of control in these things!”

Yes, that was actually a random stock image- swear to hospital ceiling vent.