Random Image Tuesday!

And today’s image is…


A starfish nailed to a post!

From the description on this picture from the Free Image website I use I know this was supposed to be an example of things you can do for nautical decor at your beach house (we all have those, right? Right.)… but anyone else getting the willies from this thing?

It reminds me of two things…

So, here in Texas  landowners and ranchers will shoot coyotes and hang them on fence posts as a warning to other coyotes to keep out of the property and stop picking off the sheep. Or goats. Or cats. Or Pomeranians. Now, I’ve always thought that is less a warning and more an invitation to a carcass buffet to the other coyotes, actually, and also- that’s really requiring some higher reasoning out of coyotes than I expect they have. So this picture looks like it’s a warning to the other starfish: “Damn it I am SICK of those starfish picking off the lambs! Nail that one to the porch, Dylan! That’ll show them damn echinoderms!”

And the OTHER thing this reminds me of, which I JUST realized was done to send basically the same exact message as the one the ranchers are putting out above… is “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.” The starfish version requires just a few more nails from the original though…

Forgive my blasphemy, I totally know that which I do.

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