New Blog Look… and about that last blog post…


Sheep (ish). Sidenote- Sheep are honestly WAY more disgusting than this picture lets on.

So, like last things first here… thanks for letting me get that bit of self flagellation out on the last blog page instead of real life.  I feel much lighter, as these things go- not sure we’re all meant to carry our burdens alone- even if those burdens are impossible standards for ourselves.

And just to clarify- I don’t think that one slip means I’m alcoholic- but just that drinking is so damn fraught because I always hyper-analyze it in myself. But it has been on the heavier side lately, and so I’ve lightened up this week and taken it as a lesson. And I lost two pounds, so there ya go.

And how did it turn out, when faced with all the same neighbors yesterday at the Christmas Cookie Party? Not ONE person treated me any differently. They all told us what wonderful parents we were and how much fun the craft show was. We talked and joked, and I had 3 beers and then the toddler got tired and we went home after having a stellar time. So my personal catastrophizing I do where I imagine myself to have been gossiped about or becoming a pariah or anything- yeah, that’s a nope.  So there you go- as Tom Petty said: “Most things I worry about, never happen anyway.”

And weirdly and quasi-embarrassedly, it had to be BY FAR the most read post I’ve ever done- so you know… there’s that.

As for the look of the blog- I’ve looked over the last year for a new WordPress theme to update to, and just haven’t found one I’ve liked… until now. I like this one and am STILL trying to tweak it a bit more. If anyone knows how to do a dropdown link to various post categories please just let me know, that’s what I’m still trying to find.




4 thoughts on “New Blog Look… and about that last blog post…

  1. I like your self-flagellation. 🙂 Seriously though, it was a remarkably honest and self-aware post and I wish more of us were that upfront. That honesty will keep you…honest. 🙂

    1. I really appreciate that- it wasn’t easy to write, but when I was at UT I walked under the tower everyday with the words “the truth shall set you free” engraved on it… it’s always resonated as a fundamental truth, you know? But like also… how grossly out of proportion did I blow that… truth about my own ridiculousness is important to admit too!

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