Guest Post Today… on the Desert Flower Foundation blog

I have had the very good fortune of being able to share my story as a sponsor on the Desert Flower Foundation blog today and would like to share. Please stop by their site if you would like to read my story as to how I came to give to this charity to end Female Genital Mutilation and what it means to me- and to see a picture of Benita, the first little Desert Flower I sponsored.

Letter from a Sponsor


My thanks and Happy Friday to all!

There is a kids’ story or two in here somewhere…

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away… I remember helping my cousin Jennifer collect bugs  once for a school project. And now that I think of it- she was homeschooled so how the hell did that work? Anyway. I caught a huge red wasp in a tupperware container- and it beat against the lid like a drum. And there were a few beetles, maybe a June bug? All I remember is the wasp really (for obvious, scare the hell out of you reasons) and that I was SO good at catching bugs she put me in charge of the jar. (Gee… thanks? Is white-washing the fence fun too?) But anytime she would point out a butterfly I’d only pretend to try to catch it and shoo it away instead. At the end of the day we had enough bugs for her collection and not a single one was a butterfly. I was 10.

And today not only do I grow plants in my garden to attract and feed the adult butterflies I love so well, I grow host plants for their caterpillars to eat too. And while some of the caterpillars are cool, some really display the depth of my devotion because they… well they’re not cute. I have a key lime tree which is the host to my favorite butterfly, the Giant Swallowtail. Who’s caterpillar is basically bird poop. Think I’m kidding?


Boom. Evolution is wonderfully specific at times.

And then that thing turns into this…


My Precious!

And I really don’t know why the story was about an ugly duckling turning into a swan… because bird poop turning into a butterfly wins that competition ALL day long.

Proving sleeping and parenting don’t ALWAYS have to be mutually exclusive…


Welp. Ain’t that the truth.

No real earth shaking revelation this time or anything, just a little resonance. Plus… it’s so sweet when they feed themselves on a Saturday morning and you get to sleep in. (Teaching! That’s all about the teaching and better human being thing! SWEAR.) We have… 10 more weeks to enjoy the extra sleep and easy Saturday mornings before we kiss that goodbye for the next 5 years. Le sigh.

Interview with my five year old… about me

noelle's interview

Interviewing a five year old about her Mom is just the greatest thing ever. This was from my daughter’s school last year… and I love it!

*Yup totally 25. Thanks, kid!

*Takes a village to cover these roots these days… but yeah, still blonde-ish.

*For work- I sell construction materials. Sometimes I bring customers cupcakes. Sometimes I don’t get to all my planned stops and have cupcakes at the end of the day. Those occasional leftover cupcakes are the only thing my daughter sees from my job… therefore that makes me a cupcake delivery person! I wonder what she thinks the hardhat in the car is for?

*My favorite hobby IS sleeping. Nailed it.

*Fly that nerd-flag for Mommy!

*See? My family thinks I’m funny.

*And I’ll keep hugging you and your sister forever, little one. Never fear.