When Life Gives You Lemons…

…you make lemonade.

IMG_0015 2.jpg

Got the perfect picture for this one actually- look at my two Meyer’s lemons!

Now, when life gives you explosive 90lb dog diarrhea at 6 am all over the kitchen… the best you can do is say that at least the rest of the day has to all be up from there. Be an optimist about it- yeah!

But the next morning, when you find the dog who got left outside overnight due to not wanting to repeat the explosive diarrhea in kitchen incident killed a possum and judging by how wet it is spent the entire night licking it?


I screamed. A couple of times. 

Well in that instance, the only thing you make is the beginnings of a heart attack.


So that was fun. Let’s never do it again.

The Texas Garden in September

Ah September, the time of year where the cold fronts move in and we get cool 98 degree weather. (That’s… that’s only half joking. It IS actually better than 104 degrees.) The children are off to school. And… that’s it. Fall doesn’t set in for a long time here, so it isn’t really fall-esque around these parts. Aside from fashion that is- I am SO ready for jackets and boots and vests and so SICK of plain tank tops and shorts. I assume it’s like being sick of your sweaters in the north, this tiredness of tank tops. And necklaces and scarves- I miss them! Sheesh it’s too hot for anything aside from earrings really.

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The Garden and Outside Stuff in the Heat

It’s so hot.

I know I’ve mentioned that in all recent posts, but oh my God it’s so hot right now. We haven’t had rain in two months, the soil in the garden needs to be MUCH more improved if it’s going to be the single main shelter for all these plants through such tough conditions again next year, and I personally feel like I’m sweating way more than I ever have before- and I was always a pretty sweaty girl.

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