Random Word Generator Word Associations

Well there's a hurricane a-brewin', so little to do but put containers under the roof leaks, snuggle up in a comforter, and do some literary Rorschach testing thanks to a Random Word generator! Failing: Any college class ever before 9am. Next. Textbook: I only kept my Dutch language textbooks from college- I assume it's like … Continue reading Random Word Generator Word Associations


From the Drafts folder…

So I decided to go through my Drafts folder (sure you've noticed but posts have been few and far between lately and I was checking how much content I had in there that might be useable) and found this... dated 4 months ago. I plow through self doubt through sheer force of will - but … Continue reading From the Drafts folder…


So... I realize most bloggers give a heads up BEFORE they go on vacation instead of after... and yeah, looking back that would have been ideal. But just know I'm now BACK from vacation. Was good!