The Occasional Birthday Post… Why a Duck?

So, it’s my birthday today, I’m 36 years old. ( are people still weird about saying how old they are? Why is that a thing? Why a fuck? That’s what I want to know…)

And so to celebrate, I figured why not share a very famous snippet from one of my very favorite movies: Coconuts by the Marx Brothers from 1929. I started watching Marx Brothers movies with my Dad, oh, doing the math here, about 28 years ago; and now my husband and I play the Marx Brothers’ Marathon every New Years’ Eve- thanks TCM!

The thing about the Marx Brothers that I’ve always loved is they’re so rapid fire and so witty- that even after close to 30 years of watching it I still found jokes in the script below that I’ve missed all these past decades. So without further delay:


Why a Duck?

Groucho: (after a pause) The next time I see you, remind me not to talk with you, will you? It’s gonna be a cinch explaining the rest of this thing to you, I can see that.

Chico: I catch on quick.

Groucho: That’s a rodeo you’re thinking of. All right, Einstein, here’s Coconut Manor. No matter what you say, this is Coconut Manor. Here’s Coconut Manor, here’s Coconut Heights, that’s a swamp, and over here where the road forks is called Coconut Junction.

Chico: Where do you have coconut custard?

Groucho: That’s on one of the forks. You probably eat with your knife, so you don’t have to worry about that. Here’s the main road leading out of Coconut Manor. That’s the road I wish you were on. Now over here is going to be an eye and ear hospital. That’s going to be a sight for sore eyes. Understand?

Chico: Yeah, that’s fine.

Groucho: Now, right over here is the residential section.

Chico: Oh, people live there, eh?

Groucho: No, that’s the stockyard. Now all along here is the riverfront. All along the river, those are all levies.

Chico: That’s the Jewish neighborhood?

Groucho: (after a pause)Why don’t we pass over that. You’re a peach, boy. Now here is a little peninsula, and over here is a viaduct leading over to the mainland.

Chico: Why a duck?

Groucho: (after a pause)I’m fine, how are you? I said this is a viaduct leading over to the mainland.

Chico: All right, why a duck?

Groucho: I say that’s a viaduct.

Chico: All right, why a duck? Why a duck? Why not a chicken?

Groucho: Well, I don’t know why not a chicken. I’m a stranger here myself. I know that’s a viaduct. You try to cross over there on a chicken and you’ll find out why a duck.

Chico: But why-

Groucho: It’s deep water, that’s why a duck. Look here, suppose you were out horseback riding and you came to that stream and you wanted to ford over. But you can’t. It’s too deep.

Chico: What would you want with a Ford when you got a horse?

Groucho: (after a pause)Well, I’m sorry the matter came up. I just know that that’s a viaduct.

Chico: Listen. I catch on to why a horse, why a chicken, why a this, why a that, but I don’t catch on to why a duck.

Groucho: I was only fooling. I was only fooling. They’re going to build a tunnel there in the morning. Is that clear to you?

Chico: Yes, everything except for why a duck.


Singing…”Happy, happy birthday to me… happy birthday to me… and to you”

(Happy Birthday to Me- Cracker)

AND- just realized this is my 36th blog post- how fortuitous!

The Occasional New Post After a Few Months Delay…

So… forgive your poor blogger over here for my extended hiatus- my husband and I were handed a bit of a head spinner that took up a lot of our time recently. And then I seemed to think that my blogging delay was getting too long for just a casual post to be my return and that I should come back with a REALLY deserving post. And then I’d built up the expectations of it and so never got around to actually writing it- until now. (“It’s going to be better than 10 Super-Bowls! I don’t want to oversell it… judge for yourselves!”- Yes. This post is Poochey… and that’s okay.)

So, here’s the deal. Turns out my husband and I are expecting our third daughter! Yes, there was such a delay in posting this news here that we already know the gender! The big news in this (Besides the Whole Life! The Universe! And Everything!!! Thing- and that’s only a vague Douglas Adams reference) is that I had my tubes tied back in December… so this is a bit unexpected.

Awkward Pet Portraits

Soo… yeah. It was like that.

BUT, here’s the thing. LIFE! THE UNIVERSE! AND EVERYTHING!!! Amiright?! It’s freaking amazing. (And not just the 1 in 24,000 chance part. But also. Totally that too.)

So it wasn’t in the plans… plans are laughable anyway. Any plan you ever make for your life you should just write on a piece of paper and then light on fire. Then laugh as the ashes blow away in the breeze. That’s as good as any life plan will ever take you.

So. There will be a new human in the world soon. Who is due at a Christmas ruining/making December 26th. So, welcome soon, little one. We have a brave new world to show you.

Also… I’m only the slightest bit concerned about disciplining this child in the future. If she’s so stubborn that all of medical science couldn’t stop her then timeouts might just not be effective. Crossing that bridge when we come to it.

(And today… TODAY!!! My oldest is 9. My Lil… who made me a mother and then makes me a better one daily. Mind-blowing…)