So, in the prep for hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year I busted out the steamer mop and gave the living room/kitchen/dining room a once over. Later, I glanced at the 11 month old (wait. what? That was fast- life is just a quick sprint to the grave once you start having kids- I … Continue reading Lord.


Insufferable Parenting #489- Of Wood and Plastic

Plastic is scary stuff, what with all it's mimicry of estrogen in the human body. And in fish. And in animals. And... yeah. So I actually think this latest generation will be similar to the last generation that grew up with lead paint and leaded gas- we are very close to a full realization as … Continue reading Insufferable Parenting #489- Of Wood and Plastic

Random Thoughts

I HATE that I can't spell champagne without sounding out CHAM-PAG-KNEE in my head. Just did it again. Going out to eat ALWAYS takes more energy than just sucking it up and sautĂ©ing some chicken and tossing a salad together. Sheesh when am I going to learn that one. I love wet weather- nothing will … Continue reading Random Thoughts

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Something.   I could (or not) say many things. But others will say them better. What struck me though were all the female pundits and newscasters dressed in white: suffragists at the start of the evening. Brides left at the alter at the end.