Random Word Generator Inspired Post: Rehabilitation

So periodically I like to see what gets dredged up from the mental depths with a post inspired by the first word out of a random word generator.

Considering the first word out this go round was “rehabilitation” I almost chunked the whole thing because that seemed pretty damn fraught what with the past year and all. But what the hell, we’ll give it a shot.

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The Texas Garden in September

Ah September, the time of year where the cold fronts move in and we get cool 98 degree weather. (That’s… that’s only half joking. It IS actually better than 104 degrees.) The children are off to school. And… that’s it. Fall doesn’t set in for a long time here, so it isn’t really fall-esque around these parts. Aside from fashion that is- I am SO ready for jackets and boots and vests and so SICK of plain tank tops and shorts. I assume it’s like being sick of your sweaters in the north, this tiredness of tank tops. And necklaces and scarves- I miss them! Sheesh it’s too hot for anything aside from earrings really.

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