Business Travel Children’s Stories… The Denver Bunnies

So as I've mentioned before, ad nauseum- we were in Denver recently and will be moving there soon. I travel a lot for work but on this last business trip to Denver I didn't have to go slowly stir crazy waiting to get home to my family because, wonder of wonders, my husband got to …

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Random Image Post: Arty Buildings

Unlike most of these posts where I usually scroll through a veritable ton of poor quality images... this was the first one to come up today. (Image courtesy of Lance Muller.) I like it... but it immediately made me think of this: Doesn't it look like all those vacation pics people take to rub in …

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I recently took a new job (which- let me just say: Love it. Would have quit the old one sooner if I'd known you could enjoy a job this much) and we'll be relocating to Denver this summer. Which sounds big, and is... but it's so much easier than I thought it'd be too. It …

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