Hello, Hello! Let’s see, what do yall  want to know?

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Cultural Anthropology that I do nothing with… aside from that whole getting a good job and growing as a person bit.

I wrote book about Celebrating Dia de los Muertos (Mexican Day of the Dead holiday)- found here

I like cats and big dogs. Because little dogs… just get a cat, you know?

I love fishing and camping and kayaking but I hate nothing more than loading boats after a kayak trip. I do it… but I would pay ALL the money to not have to.

I love cooking- which until I was 25 would have bet good money was not a sentence I would ever say.

I like gardening too- herbs, vines, roses… “You know. Flowers and shit.”

One time someone asked my husband how old I was and he said: “Thirty-four. But she likes to pretend she’s older” and he was exactly right.

I can assume from that last fact that you can tell I’m married- which I’ve been ridiculously happy about for over fourteen years now, and twenty one together. My husband actually told me he was going to marry me on our first date- and it’s just gotten more terribly romantic from there.

We have three daughters, 14, 11, and 5 and I love nothing more than watching them turn into themselves over the years.

I try to maintain a shoe collection of 20 and under. Ideal would be 10 pairs- but it’s really just an arbitrary number I set for myself to shoot for. Why? There are people in this world who cook in a hubcap over a fire… and you have how many pairs of black shoes again? That’s why.

I don’t drive a minivan.

Or a Lexus.

Or give a crap about scrapbooking.

Or napkin rings.

Other than that I’ll just say I have green eyes, a freckle on my right middle toe, and a sense of humor like one of my front teeth; which is to say- a bit off.

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Also looking forward to following this blog 😉 (And my name is also Natalie) … not going to lie the previous comment made me have to think if I have already left a comment.. even though this was my first time reading the blog!! … Hmmmm

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