Insufferable Parenting #489- Of Wood and Plastic

Plastic is scary stuff, what with all it’s mimicry of estrogen in the human body. And in fish. And in animals. And… yeah. So I actually think this latest generation will be similar to the last generation that grew up with lead paint and leaded gas- we are very close to a full realization as to how dangerous this stuff is and our behavior as a society and products WILL change to reflect that very soon- of this I believe. *Hand on heart while staring knowingly into the distance. Sunset behind me. Eagle cries ringing overhead.*

BUT- I sure as hell wasn’t going to wait for Johnson and Johnson to make the change for me. So with all the girls- we used glass jar baby food as much as we could. Glass storage containers. Few plastics in the girls eating utensils- no melamine plates, ever, but there were some plastic cups for a short period of time. Those have long been replaced with small glass jelly jars. I buy olive oil in glass jars. I’m… yeah. It’s important to me.

I have gone off the deep end, a BIT, with it with our latest daughter. Metal baby spoons (turns out Oneida makes some still). Organic blankets. Organic crib mattress and mattress pad. I tried glass bottles, but she wouldn’t go for it- but we use the only organic, American made formula once we started supplementing at 7 months when I was just DONE pumping at work 3 times a day. Morning and night we still breast feed though. And yeah, we can’t help but use the plastic baby food pouches, but they’re organic at least- scout’s honor. Wooden toys and teether (she uses the teether to hit the wooden drum and has never once put it in her mouth. But then, she hasn’t been teething yet either, so I’ll hold off saying that $17 was wasted yet. Who am I kidding. Totally was.) Did I order wooden baby bowls and plates? Maybe.

The biggest one- which I could CARE LESS at the expense of- was a 100% wood high chair from Great Britain. Yes- I had a damn high chair shipped from Europe- but the only one I could find in the US was plywood- and hell, that might be worse than plastic. I just plan to turn it into a heirloom. And I figured we saved so much by borrowing baby stuff and not going overboard on swings or other baby gear that we still came out on top. And it may sound like it, but I am not justifying the expense- I’ve never once felt guilty about it- it was totally worth it for my plastic fearing self.


Wooden high chair, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

How self righteous does this post sound? Oh god. So very. Here’s my point though. What’s the WORST plastic in the house? The cheap bath toys- can’t seem to find a good alternate to those. What are Mary’s favorite toys? Take a guess. Does she crawl around the house with one in her mouth, INTENT on torturing me? You bet your ass she does.



5 thoughts on “Insufferable Parenting #489- Of Wood and Plastic

  1. Has that High chair arrived yet from the UK, Lauren? As for Plastics’, leads and chemicals, what alarms me as well as, are the Pesticides and herbicides which are being spayed upon the edges of the asphalt play grounds and ball courts of the schools. It was one day while I was playing in middle school that I walked into an invisible cloud of such spays in which the fumes permeated the air, and I fell down laying unconscious, from that moment on I suffered a lifelong battle of MCSS (Multi – Chemical – Sensitivity – Syndrome, and it has been both physically painful and frightening both due to the reaction in my lungs in just walking down a laundry soap isle at the grocery markets, or walking into an office where plug in air –fresheners are spewing toxic gas upon all and’ everything. But back I had missed the era where they were spraying the School children with DDT’s losing them in clouds of the chemical pesticides and making Propaganda Films about doing so’ claiming how it was done without harm upon the Children and adults. Frightening stuff…

    ‘And this is a great Post Lauren. When I look at the consumer foods and chemical industries today, I just do not see that our children are any safer than yesteryear when I was a child. And if you’re a parent (seeing that you are not) that is clueless as in Out of sight – Out of mind’ on what is poisoning the children in Foods and Consumer goods and products then God’ help the children of those parents, Aspartame is now in over 50 thousand consumer food products and back just prior to the Ronald Regan era, the FDA declared Aspartame as Unfit for human consumption, but the Lobbyist fought to it and Regan put in his’ ‘Man’ for the head of the FDA and all of a sudden ‘Aspartame became safe for human consumption’, over night, and that was very frightening that Lobbyist can have such power, when corrupted, people have no clue what they are eating and feeding to their children, and it’s great to actually find a fellow parent that understands the importance of the negative impacts of toxic foods and consumer goods.

    And to add Lauren, I use to build Plywood when I was employed in a lumber mill’ the glue is mostly made of Formaldehyde and Powdered Horses blood. Very toxic and inhuman stuff, as is Furniture stains, so many people had no clue of how toxic those Thin Wood laminated floor panels were / are, especially those made in China. I cannot even imagine what the percentages of People with cancer are that reside in China.


  2. Had a wooden high chair with my older girls too- but that was one I bought on Craigslist… and I tried SO hard to find another one like but didn’t have any luck, unfortunately.


  3. Wooden High Chair- in case anyone wants one: can be bought on Amazon or Hello Baby, from a company called East Coast. Cost: $150 plus $90 in shipping when I bought it. It’s $130ish plus $160 in shipping now looks like. And considering plastic Graco high chairs are $180, it REALLY isn’t an insane additional expense. Promise.


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