What’s worse: The heat or the coronavirus? Don’t answer that…

Ugh it’s hot. And there has been no rain for weeks.

Sleep? Sorry, no time, gotta water. Folding clothes? Sorry, no time, gotta water. Blogging? Sorry, no time, gotta… BUT! Today it IS raining! Thanks Hurricane Hanna!

Texans, amiright? We kinda wish for hurricanes and couldn’t wait to eat Bluebell ice cream again after it killed a bunch of folks from Listeria… we’re a special breed, methinks.

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Red Flowers and More

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Out of bloom out of mind, I guess.

I also forgot about the blue flowered Salvia gaurenetica, the dark purple May Night salvias, and the red flowered fire spike and dwarf bottlebrush. And so, and I say this full aware of the absurdity of it, the ONLY flower color I don’t actually have in the back garden as I was talking about on the last post is peach. Peach… literally one of my favorite flower colors. Sigh. What ya gonna do, man. What ya gonna do.

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