IT WORKED! Ice Dying

So how about them apples? So my 24 hour experiment in ice dying with the use of soda ash... rousing success. Aside from the unpredictable nature of the dye itself that is. Let's be clear- those colors SHOULD have been true blue, black, olive green, and yellow. And we ended up with torquoise, brown, black, … Continue reading IT WORKED! Ice Dying


Mice Flying and the Pardon

Just kidding, it's another post about ice dying and the garden. So... after the debacle of the last 2 scarves... THIRTY pashminas and scarves and then 20 handkerchiefs showed up... creating a bit of uneasiness on the order of WELL WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA DO NOW?! So... first step. Test every scarf with … Continue reading Mice Flying and the Pardon

It’s Le Hot

It's BLAZINGLY hot around this place these days, so no new plantings are happening. No weeding is getting done. The watering is done at night, and mostly by sprinkler. And the bermuda grass is creeping in as slowly and methodically as fascism in 2018 America. The only thing that's not done begrudgingly is TOMATO HARVESTING! … Continue reading It’s Le Hot