The Texas Garden in April and Animals

Between the last post and this post one of our cats puked on the keyboard of our Macbook. I made an appointment at the Apple Genius bar, but alas, they couldn’t fix a beaten to death cat… or the keyboard. They did take it apart and confirm nothing else was damaged, but as it’s an older model they recommended just a plug in keyboard and not spending the $500-600 it’d cost for a keyboard replacement. (the cat’s fine)

Now I DO love a $39 option over a a $500+ solution… but it means I no longer have a way to write that feels like “home”. My old work laptop I’d had to turn in when I left my last job was a Macbook. My new work laptop is an HP and feels awkward and weirdly spaced and now this new plug in keyboard for our personal Macbook is super clicketty… with a different action to the keys than I’m used to. I am adrift in a sea of having to look as I type and still hitting the wrong key and me hattttttteeeeessss it!

That’s life for you though, nothing but change, all the way down. I shall adapt, but still… sigh. Click click…clicky click click. Click.

BUT! The windows are open, there is a cool breeze blowing through them after an overnight rainstorm, and I just ate a migas taco in bed with a cup of coffee now bedside me… so lets get after it!

First up though: ze garden!

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

…you make lemonade.

IMG_0015 2.jpg

Got the perfect picture for this one actually- look at my two Meyer’s lemons!

Now, when life gives you explosive 90lb dog diarrhea at 6 am all over the kitchen… the best you can do is say that at least the rest of the day has to all be up from there. Be an optimist about it- yeah!

But the next morning, when you find the dog who got left outside overnight due to not wanting to repeat the explosive diarrhea in kitchen incident killed a possum and judging by how wet it is spent the entire night licking it?


I screamed. A couple of times. 

Well in that instance, the only thing you make is the beginnings of a heart attack.


So that was fun. Let’s never do it again.