The Texas Garden in April and Animals

Between the last post and this post one of our cats puked on the keyboard of our Macbook. I made an appointment at the Apple Genius bar, but alas, they couldn’t fix a beaten to death cat… or the keyboard. They did take it apart and confirm nothing else was damaged, but as it’s an older model they recommended just a plug in keyboard and not spending the $500-600 it’d cost for a keyboard replacement. (the cat’s fine)

Now I DO love a $39 option over a a $500+ solution… but it means I no longer have a way to write that feels like “home”. My old work laptop I’d had to turn in when I left my last job was a Macbook. My new work laptop is an HP and feels awkward and weirdly spaced and now this new plug in keyboard for our personal Macbook is super clicketty… with a different action to the keys than I’m used to. I am adrift in a sea of having to look as I type and still hitting the wrong key and me hattttttteeeeessss it!

That’s life for you though, nothing but change, all the way down. I shall adapt, but still… sigh. Click click…clicky click click. Click.

BUT! The windows are open, there is a cool breeze blowing through them after an overnight rainstorm, and I just ate a migas taco in bed with a cup of coffee now bedside me… so lets get after it!

First up though: ze garden!

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