Random Image Post: Energy Transfer Station

power station

Image courtesy of eddie60

Another first image to come up on the Randomizer today…

So in my previous job as a distribution salesman for construction products I used to spend a lot of time ambulance chasing stopping by jobsites to try to drum up business. (I work for a manufacturer now- so my time on the frontline is limited these days) Anyway. One day in southeast Texas I rolled onto the largest jobsite I’ve ever been on- an energy transfer station on the Eagle Ford Shale that was under construction. Huge doesn’t even begin to do it justice. Disturbingly dwarfing is closer. I stopped by the job trailer, quickly talked up my product lines, and then was out after I’d gotten the contact info and email address I needed. (It’s like hunting like that, is sales) All told I was on that site for about 10 minutes… and yet my phone was scrambled for an hour and I had to manually reset the timezone once I got it working again.  I didn’t even know something like that was possible. There was no buzzing or hum, no nefarious feeling to the air… just weird unseen energy doing weird unseen energy things to electronics and cells and who knows what else. Brrr.