The Tooth “Fairy”

We’re in the midst of loose tooth season around these parts it seems… and… I don’t have anything really zippy or insightful to say about that, honestly. Teeth get loose. (shudder) Teeth fall out. (Shudder)

And that means the tooth fairy then has to put in an appearance and dole out something in exchange for hiding teeth in the kitchen garbage can. (Y’all arn’t saving teeth in a box in the top drawer of your dresser, are you? Because that is serial killer level stuff right there.) I’ve heard of some folks giving $20 to their kids per tooth- and look, teeth aren’t wampum. The intrinsic value just shouldn’t be that high.


Because we’re insufferable like this, we leave a teeny tiny note (Ow, my arthritis!) and an origami dollar bill. Hearts, penguins, peacocks… I made a dollar bill tiny dress last night. I also have taken to using the worthless glitter nail polish that everyone has lying around, and swiping a quick coat on the dollar. (Where does that glitter topcoat come from? I swear I never bought it.) It doesn’t flake off like glitter, dries quickly, and adds just an extra little… dude whatever. It looks cool.

Hopefully by the time my daughters read this when they’re in their 30s they no longer believe in the tooth fairy. Or Santa. Or the Easter Bunny. Because frankly there is a part of me that wonders if the older one really shouldn’t have caught on already. And I promise you. She REALLY hasn’t yet.

It’s cute. It’s quick. And it makes me so happy to do something that adds a little magic to their lives, honestly. Is that laying it on thick? It is exactly how I feel about it. The tiny moments of joy. Our gift to you, girls. And all it cost was a dollar.