Of Lice and Zen


So yesterday our oldest put her pet mice (named Almond and Honey) on her shoulder and I cracked a joke about “Oh no! You have head-mice!” She laughed. I didn’t- because holy hell. When was the last time I checked your head for actual lice?!

She didn’t have any. Her sister did though. F*****CK!

So it’s laborious nit picking around here. It’s dousing a small little head in burning lice shampoo made out of flowers. Think I’m making that up? The main ingredient in Rid is pyrethrum, made from chrysanthemum blossoms.


Flowers of louse-y death. 

“A Chrysanthemum by any other name would also totally reek.” These aren’t roses, but it’s not the very worst smell out there.

And so there will be much laundry and bagging up of stuffed animals, and weeks of staying on top of it… hours a night on nit checks. But, it’s an opportunity to sit and talk for uninterrupted time with my child. And besides, all I want is for her to feel better and to take care of this for her- it’s never had me angry or frazzled or super stressed out about whenever we’ve had to deal with lice. There is nothing to be done except slow waaaaaay down and invest the time to fix it. And that isn’t a bad thing, actually- the brakes getting thrown on life sometimes. So, I know it makes for a zippy title, but it is true, I do get quite zen about it.

And so I’ll go through the next few weeks with hands that smell faintly of flowers of death, which makes me feel like a minor Hindu deity in the Indian pantheon. And that isn’t a bad thing either, actually.

I will try to grab those silver linings as they race by, whenever I can…


One thought on “Of Lice and Zen

  1. I am not one to ever live in fear, but bug infestations on a mass scale’ freak me the hell Out!

    ‘upon the subject of Lice’ infestations’, my Son’s Sisters residing at my brother –in –laws home’ across town and their girl cousins have been Lice infested five times, bring it home from their schools… also trying on hats in department stores is a know source of lice infestations.

    ‘Knocking on Wood here!’

    ‘If I had the (non-) privilege of being Lice infested, I would burn / ‘Nuke everything’ in my home’ and rush out of the home insanely screaming to only then be institutionalized for severely suffering the ‘skeeves’… (Lice aka Louse) Can be the host carriers of the bacteria ‘Rickettsia / prowazekii’ the main cause of‘ Typhus’ / Cause of epidemic level Louse – borne Typhus fever’ / not the same fever caused disease of which my then 7 year old sister who suffered (cruel) side effects along with having suffered server pain and fevers of Polio ‘night Fevers had died from…

    I am a wee bit’ ‘Germophobic and ‘Entomophobic in a lesser degree of’… I can handle most insects’ but definitely not the home’ / bedding or personal intrusive infestations of the mille sort… Enough that I avoid staying in hotels and Los Vegas resorts after the ‘Bed Bug (Climex lectularius’) epidemic of the travel world industry…


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