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So we’ve had a bit of business around here, most good, some less than great- and as I always do when it’s been a while- I wind up in my own head that the first post back has to be awesome and then give myself writer’s block. The only surefire way around this is, of course, a verging on nonsensical picture heavy post.

Let’s see… so we can start with travel, of which there has thoroughly been much too much of lately. It’s also going to get worse before it gets better, since I leave for South Carolina tomorrow, am in Florida the week after that, and then will be in Montana the week after that one. At least my husband can come to the Montana one with me and we’ll be taking some days off to do some fishing while we’re up there- words cannot describe how much I’m looking forward to that!

While I hate all the airport time recently, at least there is that one part in the Houston airport where the ceiling looks like this though. The ramen is god awful, but the aesthetic

Mother’s Day was really nice to get up and outta town-  we went to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin then ate on Congress Ave. after that and had Micheladas, then stopped by a garden center on the way home. Perfect.

This is just on the walk in… man that place is awesome

The toddler fell asleep about 20 minutes before we got there- and we were a bit apprehensive about that- waking her up sometimes results in a less than ideal version of her toddler self. This time though she was in a perfectly fine mood, but it was like she kissed the Blarney stone- she nattered away nonstop the whole time we were there.

Great. Now we have to build a castle so I can have one of these.
Flowers are lovely but boy are the native tuberose leaves ugly
Just beauty-mous
I even got a bonus Mother’s Day gift of a cut glass globe shaped vase from the giftshop. I promptly filled it with Francis Dubriel roses and larkspur when we got home.

In our own garden these little guys…

IMG_0349 2
Black swallowtail caterpillar

…have turned into these:

My buddies!

And some have even turned into these, right on the bronze fennel plant:

Chrysalises (thanks spellcheck)

In other gardening news my husband found this craziness in a tunnel that got turned up while digging a garden bed in our backyard, that I walk around in BAREFOOT.

Does this picture convey the size, patent leather thick legs, and gigantic abdomen of this Mouse Spider correctly?
Hell nah

He picked it up WITH HIS HAND.

In further research it has one of the most painfully hard bites of any spider and is poisonous (As is any creature with patent leather legs- OBVIOUSLY).

I put it on a shovel and dropped it over the back fence to the abandoned house yard, both because I have a shirt that says “I love spiders” (NOT THAT SPIDER THOUGH) and because it was the right thing to do. I hope it lives a long, happy, un-revenge filled life back there.

Fearless spider picker-upper, my better half, and the one who does all the hard work around here while letting me get all the glory on the blog. Wonder if Imo’s Pizza is willing to pay for the sweet, sweet advertising
So we FINALLY figured out what to do with this huge 3′ tall round pot. Internal precarious tower of ugly pots and a plumosa asparagus fern perched on top to get to the right level result in the plant “effortlessly” spilling over the surface without ruining the lines of the globe or having to fill the whole thing with soil. Perfect!

The tomatoes are struggling this year, but I have one in a bed across the yard in case I can’t get a handle on the spider mites that are infesting the 5′ tall cherry tomato in the main tomato/rose bed right now.  I spent a long time yesterday cutting off the worst of the leaves and spraying the plant with a hard stream of water… what I need is for it to rain nonstop for a week to truly get ahead of those damn things. I had qualms about planting tomatoes in the same spot I did last year. Listen to the qualms- best advice ever in gardening and life.

Outside of gardening stuff, we have another neighborhood craft fair coming up- which the girls are farther along than I am. The twelve year old has made cards and prints out of some pop art bird pieces she made in art class:

No thank YOU.

The ten year old has made a bunch or origami that we’ll make 10′ garlands from. She’ll have individual ones with string, as well as will be doing custom made-to order origami in her booth.

The shrimp are some of my favorites. She also has dogs, pinwheels, cranes, and bunnies

As for me, I’ve been doing some ice dying again but I’m getting a little sick of the stained hands, so I’m doing some paintings as well.

3 paintings does not a booth make though. I have 3 more rabbits and 3 chickens blocked in as well… so yeah. That’s gonna be a weird booth. “Do you need a scarf or a painting of an Airedale, pissed off bunny, or chicken?”

And finally, as I was locking up the house last night I found this and have to share:

So many questions

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  1. So impressive! My oldest son, Lad, just got home from college and since the weather wasn’t caddy weather I had him dig up some ground cover/evergreen stuff that was under a few tree things in the front yard. It was a CHORE and a half, but he needs to be kept busy. Coach was not thrilled, but we have lived her for 11 years and have not touched the landscaping. And it shows. I hope to plant something with color. Unlike you, gardening is the last priority for me. Yours looks great though!

  2. Well, you really have been busy! All this time I’ve been envious of your garden and your great climate. Now you show me that spider…. And to make it worse, you let it live! My mother would have been proud of you. I’m not as nice as she was. But except for that critter, it sounds like you’ve been spending your time in enjoyable ways. That’s how it should be!

    1. It isn’t all flowers and roses in Texas, that’s for sure, but we love it nonetheless. But oh the spiders and snakes and droughts and hurricanes and tornadoes and summer heat… we start looking with envious eyes at other regions right around June, I tell you what!

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