On Elections and Dishwashers

I’m tapped out on many fronts over here: all three girls went to in-person school (pre-K through 9th grade- what a spread! Am I conflicted about it? Yes. Did they absolutely need it? Also yes.), I have a rocking double ear infection, and my husband was on quarantine because he was sick and couldn’t go into work until he got a negative covid test. (He did on Thursday, it was just a cold.) Oh yeah, and the dishwasher broke!

But my first shift as an election judge was also this week and went well; I actually had a really good time doing it too.

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I could (or not) say many things. But others will say them better.

What struck me though were all the female pundits and newscasters dressed in white: suffragists at the start of the evening. Brides left at the alter at the end.