Walks Like a Bhutan Death March and This and That

So my brother got a Fitbit recently. I have a Fitbit. He realized there is a “challenge” feature were we can compete against each other for weekly step counts.

I have never walked more in my goddamn life.

Okay well, like not THAT morning… that morning I had 2 meetings before 10:30… but the dog got 2 walks that day and then I got 5,000 steps in by walking the kids to the downtown ice cream place for takeout cones after dinner. (Highly recommend the elastic bands- those silicone bands they all come with are the worst- got mine on Etsy.)

I accidentally hit the “cheer” button once- a thing where normal people in these fitbit competitions encourage each other. I unchecked it so fast and wrote “BOOOOO” in the chat instead.

He is HANDILY beating me in the step counts to date- WHILE he has a goddamned sprained ankle too. That is some dedication to winning, you know?

Knowing this, now I’m like: “It’s a race to see who takes care of the parents all by themselves when they get older!” Let’s see how that plays out.

In other news I got this in the mail earlier this week:

Your timing’s impeccable, County Elections Office.

Okay so I volunteered in October and November? Got my check in December? The swearing in was in January? Those would have been good times to receive this, but instead they mailed me a coin purse in February. I’m excited to see what next month brings.

I am not unappreciative, it’s more perplexing than anything. And the coin purse is now just one of those weird, weird thing that’ll have to go into the hope chest along with my favorite fabric mask for my great-great-grandchildren to find in 120 years and then write about in a school project. Or to get asked about in 40 years by my grandchildren and pull this number:

I originally wrote “Get asked about it in 60 years by my grandchildren”…. like time is a construct my 41-year-old self gets to do WHATEVER I want in!

In other news I’ve been reading more and am finding Poirot mysteries are hitting the right combination of engaging while not being so engaging I stay up until 2am to find out what happens next. I got a lot of five books for eight dollars on eBay… solid investment.

Why is this picture so big and I can’t resize it?

As a family we’ve had a couple of “family reading nights” recently where we set up in the living room, everyone grabs a book (maybe some tea) and a comfy chair, and we all silently read our own books for 30 minutes to an hour together. It’s a damn DELIGHT and everyone loves it to the point the kids ASK for it, even! Highly recommend and you can’t imagine how smug you get to feel about it all.

And finally, I took this picture to be funny and show my friend how an entire bottle of wine fits in my new wine glasses… and instead found out my kitchen needs to be leveled.

What is this, a Dali painting?

I guess there is a slight chance my perspective was skewed… but instead of checking it I’m taking the Timon and Pumbaa approach:

I have, in fact.

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