Update on the Chickens and Pansies: Backyard Ones and the One That Just Moved to Florida

Florida Chicken/Pansy First:

WELCOME to 1984! Not the book but more the year with Reagan’s “toss ’em in jail” policies!
Have fun walking to Cancun!
I legitimately laughed out-loud at this one.

So… YEAH. The adults are in charge again. None of the idiots who stormed the Capitol got a pardon. Thanks to the backlash instead of applause at storming the Capitol there then wasn’t any additional violence. And then Trump slunk off to Florida, obscurity, and hopefully jail.

I cried, a couple of times, during the inauguration. Kamala Harris being sworn in as the first female Vice President. (representation matters.) The speeches… the RELIEF that washed over me at feeling safe in our country again!

Our neighbors have now fully taken their Trump flags down from their trucks and fences and out of their lawns. I actually drove to the grocery store yesterday and the one, most vehement, neighbor was sitting on his front steps looking sad and a little stunned. I waved as I drove passed. He dejectedly waved back. Its a sign of healing, methinks.

We also did this- because taking our flag back from the Trump Train folks who tried to co-opt it will be important to do over the next few years.

And the Christmas lights are down already too? Check out these grown ups!

Alright- now for the Backyard Chickens and Pansies!

Y’all remember my favorite pot of pansies (and kale) right?

This one?
These. Goddamn. CHICKENS!

Yeah… the chickens are hellacious on the backyard. Right now they seem to be leaving the snapdragons alone but are hellbent on eating the pansies and pansy adjacent plants. (violas)

Oh well- the ones on the front steps still look okay.

The sole survivors at this point.

The perpetrators:

That is Cheerio on the waterer and Muffin’s fluffy butt on the left.

You may remember over the summer we had a dog attack on one chicken, Cheerio, and I didn’t think she would make it. Honestly I dressed Cheerio’s puncture wounds (gross.) and splinted her broken leg more for my daughter’s sake than anything else- she was so rough a quick meeting with an axe was maybe more in order than triage. But I continued to dress that chicken’s wounds daily and over the next weeks her skin went from black to bright turquoise due to bruising. (so gross.) She lived in a dog crate next to my daughter’s bed for a month. (Also gross.) Her puncture wounds healed in about two weeks.

Then, once moved back outside, she limped like Verbal in the Usual Suspects for a few months… and now has fully turned into Keyser Söze and doesn’t limp at all anymore. She’s completely healed. It’s damn remarkable is what it is. Funnily (if that’s the word) enough she lays a skinnier, pointier shaped egg now than she did before getting injured.

Here are pictures of the other two:

Muffin is in the front here, and Dot is the one with the blinders clipped into her nostrils because she’s a cannibalistic asshole. But also the best egg layer.

I know it doesn’t come through in that shot, but Muffin is by far the largest of the chickens- she’s so fluffy too! She probably was able to put all that energy into getting larger because she’s absolutely shit at laying eggs- we maybe get 2 a week outta her. She’s the sweetest one, and though she’s the largest she’s the one at the bottom of the pecking order.

In contrast we get 6 eggs a week outta Dot. If I had to give birth that often I’d be a huge asshole too, so maybe I should cut her some slack. We finally broke down and got the chicken blinders because she would NOT stop pulling at the scales on the other chickens’ legs. (Chickens are so gross, y’all.) The blinders work like a charm and are SUPPOSED to be removed after a month as that’s long enough to reset behavior… for normal chickens. Not this one- she goes back to her old ways whenever we try to take those off so she lives in them now. Dot is the smallest one and the Alpha.

I do still really love having the chickens… but we’ve got to expand their run because even being out for just an hour when we’re around they create havoc. They have been great for getting rid of the mint in the triangle bed though- I’ll give them credit for that.

Next time I may get small chickens though. Buff Orpingtons are my ideal looking chickens, but damn are they big. (The fluffy butts though! I’m gonna die!) but they are giant. Their feet are giant. They are a force to be reckoned with when they dig, you know? Also… they’re supposed to be personable but I don’t cuddle these idiots, nor do I want to. I totally like the pastoral look of them walking around but don’t want them sitting on my knee or anything. Look, some people are dog people. And some people are cat people. But they can both agree… bird people are crazy! (I put myself squarely in cat person territory.)

So- next chickens will probably be brown leghorns or something as they’re smaller but still good egg layers. (Suggestions on other breeds appreciated from fellow chicken folks though.)

Anyway… the backyard is looking rough right now, so I actually need to head out there for a couple of hours of actual gardening, not blogging of gardening. Till next time!

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  1. (Trying to comment via Chrome, which another blogger suggested might actually help me comment!)

    “Sparkling white terrorism” is hilarious! And the chicken parenting is so fascinating! I have never heard of chicken blinders?!?! And wow, you really nursed Cheerio back to health – what an amazing recovery!

  2. Ha! I love this post (and nice to meet you – saw you at Sue’s place). And I’m SO glad to know that I’m not the only woman who cried (several times) during the inauguration and was giddy/teary/gobsmacked/thrilled as Kamala Harris was being sworn in. Relief, yes, seeing and hearing adults again.

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