Interview with my five year old… about me

noelle's interview

Interviewing a five year old about her Mom is just the greatest thing ever. This was from my daughter’s school last year… and I love it!

*Yup totally 25. Thanks, kid!

*Takes a village to cover these roots these days… but yeah, still blonde-ish.

*For work- I sell construction materials. Sometimes I bring customers cupcakes. Sometimes I don’t get to all my planned stops and have cupcakes at the end of the day. Those occasional leftover cupcakes are the only thing my daughter sees from my job… therefore that makes me a cupcake delivery person! I wonder what she thinks the hardhat in the car is for?

*My favorite hobby IS sleeping. Nailed it.

*Fly that nerd-flag for Mommy!

*See? My family thinks I’m funny.

*And I’ll keep hugging you and your sister forever, little one. Never fear.