Still, Somehow, a Cat Person

Quote from this morning: “Tracking down cat pee is my least favorite thing.”

Around here we’ve been smelling laundry baskets. The couch cushions. Random corners of carpets. Everywhere.

Where was the cat pee? In the water heater closet. That space luckily has old flooring from the closed in porch that runs outside- so it got a half gallon of bleach poured on it and is fine now.)

Pee was also under the basket we put towels next to the tub. (It was empty of towels at the time.) It is a metal basket- we learned this lesson once before: wicker+ easy cat access= pissville. Also? Under the bathroom vanity. This only has a 2″ space under it. I literally don’t know how they managed that aside from peeing in a cup and then throwing it under there. It takes talent. Not appreciated talent, no. But talent nonetheless.


These cats did great things. Terrible, yes! But great.

So yeah. When I said a few posts ago that my house doesn’t reek of cat pee that same damn greek god that smote me when I was all smug about the whole “being done having children at two”now has smoted me with a house that has that ever so faint tinge of Eu de Purrfume.

Sure this helps confirm the husband’s opinion of wanting half the cats we have now. I may join him in that if these bastards don’t straighten up quickly.

Clorox foaming bleach cleaner and not being married to any soft surfaces allows for the best clean up I know. The bleach really does seem to be a must at getting it well and truly gone.

I’ve been skipping the feline Cranberry pills. So now all four are about to start taking them. I don’t think anything is wrong with the cats though, aside from it being cold and rainy and them all being inside but only two of them wanting to use the catbox. But it’s worth a shot.

Additionally, I shoved all of them outside and locked the cat door for a few hours before the rain really got going this week… so we now know how they felt about that.

So. Yup. Good blog post. Sure it’s this kind of quality content that keeps y’all coming back, amiright?

“And the pulitzer goes too…”


*On another subject- I’m playing around with the picture formatting on these posts. When I center them they look fine on tablets and desktops… but the pictures orient right on phones. Trying to play around with that and see if we can fix it. If the formatting is doing odd things when you read the posts- please let me know!)

6 thoughts on “Still, Somehow, a Cat Person

  1. Oh my! This is my first visit, and while I am not a cat person (I am allergic) – this made me chuckle – so yes, I will be back for the quality content. The situation sounds awful but the image of your cats peeing in a cup and dumping it in a hard to reach area was hilarious. It reminded me of the part in ‘Meet the Parents’ when the Dad is insisting that his cat cannot flush the toilet because he does not have opposable thumbs. Hope it gets better soon!

  2. My older, male sometimes pees. He has a perfectly good, clean litter box, but he’s always like to do da bidness in the great outdoors. I’m keeing him in more because of a diagnosed heart problem (sniff). It’s always something, I guess.

    1. Mine all have a cat door so could go outside if they wanted, but given the slightest inconvenience to them they seem to prefer doing their business inside somewhere instead of in the rain or cold. Grrr

  3. It’s hard to put up with cats that aren’t house (litterbox) trained – unless they’re sick. We had two cats and I don’t remember it being a problem, but I know it does happen. I loved my cats. It’s been a while though, since we had cats in the house. My sweet kitties died of old age long ago and now we only have dogs. I hope you figure out what’s going on. That would make your life easier. Had to chuckle at your expression Eu de Purrfume. 😉

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