Pandemic Projects

Hello, hello! How’s your pandemic going? We’ve been busy with things like this!

5 lbs of meatballs… enough for 3 meals round these here parts. Two servings of which we ate on successive days because they were so good.

Also lots of stocking the freezer.

IMG_2078 2
Man let me tell you that vacuum sealer is my new favorite thing

Also THIS! The world’s best pandemic project… brick patio installed! 14 cubic yards of soil placed around it! (full dump truck load) Plants are in and everything is mulched (though that’s not shown in the picture yet…)

Watering in the sand to lock the bricks together. The husband is standing in what will be a dry creek around the side and between the deck and the patio. Gonna be bridges over it in 2 spots… we’re still not done.


A sacrifice must be laid at the new garden’s alter.

Looks like we’re losing the Marie Pavie rose in the transplanting as well… it’s been so blazingly hot this week: 98 degrees and no rain. Both losses are heart wrenching.

There are projects inside the house too:

Painting the pocket door in the main bathroom
“Sorry! I can’t come out until the door is dry!”… shit… I should have brought vodka.

Yes, that last shot was taken from the bathtub, because that is yet another project in the works…

The idiots we bought the house from PAINTED THE CLAWFOOT BATHTUB. Why? I can only assume it as because of the minuscule bit of rust above the water line next to the faucet, because all the rest of the enamel is impeccable. This is SUCH an annoying project, but is super satisfying to finally get resolved.

The plants are still putting out an awesome amount of flowers- even if things are weedy and unkempt out there due to the focus on the patio install…

We’ve also been dropping arrangements off for neighbors which makes me feel apprehensive because if any of us are infected and don’t know it it makes me the 2020 Typhoid Mary. But flowers are important. Just please don’t let me kill someone with them, okay?

And then Texas, along with many other states, is reopening… which… just no.

Representation of the country, waiting to be opened.

And all the protestors just sound like this to me:

I KNEW I’d heard their argument somewhere before!

But what can you do, except be as safe as you can?

We continue to wear masks… though there are a lot of people around here who don’t because they mostly protect other people and don’t do the best job at protecting the person wearing them, so those folks don’t see the point. And… yeah? Your point is what with that? Many of those folks are the same ones who are so damn Pro-Life when it’s a theoretical unborn baby but are this cavalier when it comes to living-breathing-fellow-actually-existing-humans? I swear to god it annoys me so much.

I should print this out and hand it out at the grocery store:

So if I’m reading this right… Winnie the Pooh is getting Coronavirus. No? That’s not the lesson?

Sigh… anyway, this is us anytime we do have to venture out:

Every time.

I gotta go! We’re taking the oldest to participate in a drive by birthday parade here shortly and then we’ll be building the chicken coop.  Because as Samuel L. Jackson would say: “Get these mother fucking chickens outta my mother fucking house!”

6 thoughts on “Pandemic Projects

  1. Oh you are toooo funny! And I enjoyed the Urine Test! May I steal that and post on my Facebook page. I will give you credit!

    The meatballs look incredible! And love all your house projects!

    1. Thanks so much! And Of course- though it isn’t mine either- I just couldn’t find who to attribute it too .

  2. You’ve got me smiling this morning. But I have to say, just after I was admiring that sweet header with the chicks, I scrolled down and the first thing I saw was the meatballs picture. I thought, “Oh NO! She’s turned the chicks into meatballs, or McNuggets.”
    I love the way your projects are turning out. Great colour scheme now with the bathroom door.
    Enjoy your day.

    1. Lol- hadn’t thought about that on the picture progression! Lol! I keep TRYING to find the plugin for that like button… I didn’t change anything so it’s so weird that it dropped off!

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