The Garden is Blog-Worthy in June

No tight pulled in shots these days, more like some minimal selective cropping. It’s full on blog worthy these days! Finally!

Still Life with Chairs and Mosquito Spray. (The view from the back deck showing the bridge over the dry creek.)
View from the back corner looking back at the house. And that brick patio- I love it so!
Castroville basil front and off center by the bridge.
Back left corner- predominantly butternut squash, but it also has hyssop, a dwarf deodar cedar, bronze fennel, comfrey, a possumhaw holly, and white cosmos. You can’t see none of that. ALL BUTTERNUT SQUASH! ALL THE TIME!
Two of the 17 butternut squash that are ripening right now. Now’s a bad time to remember I’m not a huge fan of butternut squash.
Ebb Tide rose and the sweet basil on yet another brick patio corner. Sheesh how does this thing seem to have 18 corners if it’s just a simple rectangle?!
Here are the 2 sesame seed plants- I’m SO excited to see how this all shakes out, but so far they are piece of cake, attractive looking plants with white snapdragon looking flowers.
The plumosa asparagus fern vine growing over the french doors on the deck. We don’t use these doors as they are TERRIBLY placed on the wall in our bedroom- we have our dresser in front of them. They look cool and all though so why not grow a vine over them, you know?
My waterproof boots (mostly used for the chicken run) match our laundry room color quite nicely. Good lord do I need to clean baseboards. Scratch that. Good lord do the children need to clean baseboards.

There is… a lot else.

I feel like I’m hiding behind garden posts here on the blog lately if I’m honest. But one: there IS a lot going on out there in the garden these days and I honestly do what to share. And two: I just seem to have a far from normal level of bandwidth- it’s just very close to all too much, you know?

Quick mention on some of those things:

We now know people waiting for tests who have been exposed to coronavirus. All grocery stores we go to have had employees with positive tests. Some restaurants in our town (four of them, last count) that reopened a few weeks ago have already closed back down because of staff with coronavirus. And yet people are STILL not wearing masks?

This shit happened this week:

So patriotic. (Photo: WOOD-TV Channel 8)

That’s people burning the letters that told them they could vote by mail if they wanted to in the November election. That there is more than one person that thinks that, or any of those fashion choices, is a good idea is deeply troubling.

Here’s the article:

I have family who are struggling with harder things than the pandemic and civil unrest.

I am having trouble sleeping. Often I find myself getting up a 1:30am for a glass of milk and a spoonful of peanut butter and I find I can sleep after that. This is now getting to the point of becoming Pavlovian and I struggle with what the hell kinda habit I’m training myself to. I KNOW that if I switched to reading a book and not my phone in bed that would help. I know this. Maybe I’ll actually follow this advice tonight. I doubt it, but might happen.

I am ALMOST done with East of Eden. I started it at the beginning of the stay home period and I have less than 10 pages left. It’s hard to describe but 20 pages in and I thought that this might be the best writing and world building I’ve ever read and I wasn’t sure if I was going to ever read any more of it. That’s a new one to me. I’m generally a lightening fast reader, so even if I dislike a book I’ll go ahead and finish it. But this has been a slog at the same time as being great. Hard to describe but rest assured this won’t be one I’ll be reading twice. But it’s great? And I love it?

Stocking up on birdseed a few months ago has now resulted in god damn tiny moths that flutter around my lamp at night- I killed about 7 yesterday. One got UNDER my glasses and fluttered around trapped near my eye until I tossed my glasses across the room. God damn nightmare fuel right there, and no wonder I couldn’t sleep! But now I have to figure out what to do about them.

A few of the bloggers I read have gone on hiatus because of *gestures at whole world.* I won’t be one of those, but like, I get it.

No filters here- that is ACTUALLY what the sky looked like one evening this week

But this is what the clouds looked like earlier this week, so maybe it’ll all turn out okay after all. Or maybe it’s just clouds. One of the two.

10 thoughts on “The Garden is Blog-Worthy in June

  1. Fab patio! Also, where did you get the sesame seed plants and how do you harvest, etc? I have never thought about where sesame seeds come from (they’re not born in the jar?) and if I can grow my own I would feel very accomplished.

    1. Thanks! I actually ordered the sesame seeds from a grower on Etsy. I got the idea from a Landscaping speaker I saw once, never would have thought about it before that either. I may still have some seeds I could give you- from the look of them they’d do well in pots too!

  2. Oh I would’ve flung those glasses, too! I flinched and shuddered just reading about your stuck moth. Sleep is hard to come by lately here as well. Too many world problems to solve in our heads at 3am. Love your post today for many reasons, including that patio, Lauren.

  3. I love the patio! It took a while but I think it was worth waiting for.
    Nice post. I think you are not alone with all these little worries about the different upsets (large and small) going on in the world.

  4. I love the patio! It took a while but I think it was worth waiting for.
    Nice post. I think you are not alone with all these little worries about the different upsets (large and small) going on in the world.

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