Mostly Roses in the Texas Garden in June

Ah June in Texas.

It’s supposed to be 103 tomorrow, did you know that? It’s so hot already I can get drenched in sweat if I wait until 10am to move 4 chickens into their run- this is not a difficult or time consuming task, just FYI.

Also I got drenched in sweat socially distancing with a friend catching up while walking around town lake in Austin . (This friend from high school, in fact! I was “dunked in a pool” soaked after that walk, but it was worth it as it was so nice to get out and see someone. The heat didn’t stop us, but it sure was a kick in the teeth.

It’s hard, isn’t it? To try to figure out what the right steps are as it pertains to the reopening? I don’t agree with the states levels of openness… but supplies, hospital beds, and treatment options are where they need to be… which is what we flattened the curve for after all. So still being outside and trying to be responsible while occasionally seeing friends is what I’m comfortable with… but not full on socializing. And yet, the girls (at least the older 2) are not to that point yet. The adolescent and teenage mind is very black and white, and making our own decisions about reopening and personal health practices is a real grey area.

But you can’t win either, you know? “You wear a mask you’re a sheep, you don’t and you’re a creep” as one of my coworkers said this week. (Be a sheep though, if you have to choose one or the other- though it’s honestly not the term I’d use to describe it.)

If I look at it like everyone is just trying their best it makes it easier… the hard part is it DOESN’T really look like people are trying their best though. I’m trying to have some, hmmm, grace about the whole thing? Is that the word? It doesn’t come easily though, lemme tell ya.

And that doesn’t even consider the protests into the middle of it all, you know? What a dumpster fire to have gigantic protests (which I support and am proud of the folks making a stand) at the same time as the biggest pandemic in 100 years? Our small, very conservative town had it’s own small protests around the plaza. Mostly teenagers holding signs. Good for them, you know? I’m proud of them.


But! Here in the garden the roses know of no disease or social unrest. Plants are good like that. Nature in general, actually, as it has no care for our paltry problems. I have always found that comforting. Sometimes in the past when I was troubled I’d stare at a tree, or (more often) the stars, and marvel at this beautiful thing that my issues meant absolutely nothing to. The stars cared nothing for me, and I, somehow, loved them more for it. I think it put my own troubles into perspective a little, they may have been important to me, but they were nothing compared to the scope of the universe.

And so here are the roses and other flowers, not batting an eye at the Texas heat, viral pandemic, and social unrest.

I start with my favorite, the Souvenir de la Malmaisson. And my A/C unit.
Julia Child with the ruffled petal edges I love so much.
Twilight Zone- who’s true color I can never, ever, ever seem to capture correctly no matter how hard I try.

The garden has a pretty tight color scheme, honestly. Please know it’s through no intention on my part really, aside from buying plants in the colors I love, that is. The two purple roses perfectly match the color of a large salvia (you can see it on the right in the picture below of the dry creek), yellow, and pink. There is a smattering of white from the Mexican olives, and some purples from the culinary sage, horsemint, and Castroville basil. Then there is the concentrated shot of vibrant orange from the milkweed, pomegranate, and Mexican flame vine. That’s like… all the colors, now that I type it out- but I promise it reads as quite cohesive and not chaotic/riot of all the colors. (There is no dark purple, blue, or true red. Nor peach. Or…hmm. That’s it I guess.)

The dry creek that wraps around the brick patio- sorry for the weirdly hazy pic.
On the other side of the garden the tomatoes are going gangbusters.

The tomatoes have hit that point where they are producing at shareable levels- and that seems earlier than in previous years. They are near on impossible to harvest though- it is a JUNGLE in there, lemme tell ya.

The weeding is still desperately needing to get done, but please just be distracted by the giant tomato plants

That’s it- that’s all I got today. Hang in there and try to be nice to each other.

7 thoughts on “Mostly Roses in the Texas Garden in June

    1. Well, if you need more mint ever- I have you covered! I pull it out by the handful for the chickens a couple of times a week. Sure hope those first eggs don’t taste minty…

  1. You have way too much heat, but your reward is that things are growing well so soon. We’re still thankful for a tolerably warmish day if it isn’t darned cold and rainy for June.
    I think when you have roses blooming and tomatoes growing it’s easier to get enthused about pulling a few weeds (when it’s still cool enough – before you wilt). I hope you have air-conditioning or at least a big fan.

    1. The A/C runs… oh… 9-10 months outta the year down here. And you’re right- today, before it got TOO hot, I was able to pull some weeds and cut some salvia back. If only I was more of a morning person…

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