This and That

Just some randomness today, I think- my capacity to weave all this together is going to be lacking.

First up:

Spring Me: Put in ALL the plants!

Summer Me: Water ALL the plants?

Sigh… every damn year.

It is HOT. It is Dry. So many of the plants are New. We water all the time back there. So far we’re keeping up, but let’s see what August brings.

Other garden news:

I pulled out the determinate tomatoes- they didn’t quite get tall enough for the large tomatoes to be out of the chickens’ reach. Bastard, bastard chickens. I also pulled out the Black Cherry tomato plant because, while it was still producing, it only set fruit on the inside of the plant- so I’d have to like, crawl into an 8′ tomato vine to harvest. The stink bugs LOVE hanging out on the tomato vines. You see where this is going. Also, they were really not very flavorful (quite watery) and so wasn’t worth the trouble. Additionally they had some issues with spider mites.

Of course now that I pulled those three tomatoes out the Sungold cherries have hit a lull in production and I’m mad at them.

Added to the list of things I wish I never knew:

Turns out chickens will eat dog poop if it isn’t picked up before they’re let out to free range. I WISH I NEVER KNEW.

Last of the outside garden randomness:

Spring Me: Red okra, that sounds so cool!

Summer Me: Oh. No.

So I now have a 4’x4′ plot of dog penises.

In other random crap:

The Incredibles movies have one glaring issue…

Mr. Incredible has blond hair.

Mrs. Incredible is a redhead.

How the hell is Violet’s hair black then?! You run a punnet square on it and it’s completely impossible and I do not like this knowledge.

Thought I keep thinking about this week:

How does the brain both come up with nightmares and then is afraid of them?

Other thought I keep thinking:

Schools can’t even prevent lice, how the HELL ar they supposed to control Coronavirus?!


My husband’s coworker has had 2 people die from Coronavirus at her husband’s work.

I got approved for the antibody test (now that my doctor’s office has them) since I was sick in March… but the test has a decreasing chance of picking up the antibodies the farther past 3 weeks out from when you were sick that you get. And so… I didn’t take it.

Other thing:

We had a death in the family. Not coronavirus related. Not gonna talk about it but it’s hammering home the concept of: love the people you love while you can love them. That’s it, you know?

Other other thing:

I have not been sleeping well for the past few weeks. I NEVER had insomnia before. There was a night this week I tossed and turned till 3 am. I’ve been itchy, and hot and it’s been making sleeping difficult considering that has been dumped on top of the fear and anxiety and malaise we’re all living in. I developed some rashes on my arms too, and one on my leg.

I did a deep dive into hypothyroidism and vitamin deficiencies and hormones and was all worried about it from a health standpoint… yeah. Then I had a moment of clarity and bought a new duvet cover and have slept like a baby the last 2 nights. I WAS ALLERGIC TO THE DUVET COVER. News flash- I. AM. AN. IDIOT. But I’m sleeping better so I’m at least a happy idiot now. (Wasn’t the detergent, I’d tried that and don’t have issues with my clothes or anything, just the duvet.)

Other other other thing:

I’ve always wondered what people see when they are colorblind, and so this image I found very interesting:

‘Nuther thing:

I’ve entered a short story competition, and that is the second writing competition I’ve done recently as my brother and I entered a micro fiction challenge a few months ago. Now, he spaced on entering this one before the deadline unfortunately, so I’m in the one on my own. It was cool to do the other one with him though.

When I told my oldest about the concept, she made an at home version. You pull a genre, action, and word out of a bowl and have to write a story about it. We will keep that up because it was good to stretch the mind like that. Here’s mine from the “at home” version:

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action: Climbing a Ladder, Word: Gate

Klaxons and alarms were going off all over the ship as she ran. The sound was so loud you couldn’t tell from what direction they were coming from anymore. Or maybe they were just everywhere by this point, she thought. 

Lara remembered telling Van the week before in the exercise room how hard it was to run in space- it was a joke then. It wasn’t funny now. 

Van was gone. They all were. She was alone and “running” as best she could in the low-g, which meant pulling herself forward and jumping to propel herself as fast as she could down the corridor. She had to make the gate, it was the only way out. Make it to the gate.

The ins and outs of the interstellar drive that propelled the ship through the galaxy escaped her, she was in Medical and not engineering after all. But she knew it had something to do with  what had been described as like and yet unlike a miniature black hole. And time. The main way it worked was by manipulating with time somehow. And something went wrong down there with the drive. Very, very wrong. 

Engineering was gone. The bridge. And the rest would go soon, and with her with it if she didn’t get the gate. It was her only hope of escape.

Lara reached the end of the corridor. It struck her how odd it all was- the corridor still looked the same as it always did- calming grey and white paint, rounded top. All the doors the same aside from their numbers. If you couldn’t hear the alarms you’d never know something was wrong. The lights were still on, after all. There was no smoke. But she knew. She knew she’d never been in more danger.

She didn’t dare use the elevator, so she opened the access panel and threw the cover to the side. Inside was the ladder that led to the next levels. Up. She had to make it up. Just one more level.

She started to climb and had gotten her foot on the third rung when she sensed rather than felt something rushing towards her. As she turned her head the thought “I got farther this time” flashed through her head.

~Everything blipped out~

~Everything blipped in~

Klaxons and alarms were going off all over the ship as she ran.

The End.

I was pretty happy with it.

The girls all made really interesting stories too- I’ll try to post those next time. I, in fact, need to go and write the story for the competition as there is a 48 hour time limit on it. Will keep you posted.

Maybe next week will be better. Previous experience this year says not likely… but shit. Anything is possible.

(Our AC went out while I was typing this. Nicely played, 2020. Nicely played.)

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  1. One other thing chickens are good for: A neighbor told me that that they eat up all the creeping charlie in his lawn! And I loved your fiction piece, nicely done, and what a great idea, to keep this up, with your kids, too.
    I so enjoy your blog, it keeps me in touch with you and your hubby and kids.

  2. You are all over the place today, Lauren, and I like it! Pretty much how my brain goes when daydreaming. Lack of sleep is simply awful so I’m glad you figured that one out. I have never noticed our chickens eating our dog’s poop, but this week we learned two of our young hens are roos. BUMMER. Oh gosh, that okra. Can’t unsee that!

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