What’s worse: The heat or the coronavirus? Don’t answer that…

Ugh it’s hot. And there has been no rain for weeks.

Sleep? Sorry, no time, gotta water. Folding clothes? Sorry, no time, gotta water. Blogging? Sorry, no time, gotta… BUT! Today it IS raining! Thanks Hurricane Hanna!

Texans, amiright? We kinda wish for hurricanes and couldn’t wait to eat Bluebell ice cream again after it killed a bunch of folks from Listeria… we’re a special breed, methinks.

The guest blogger I had scheduled for last week didn’t work out unfortunately. I mean really, who wants to hear that much about Kafka and the merits of laundry basket sleeping over linen closet sleeping?
By the skin of our teeth it is still green out there. The purple thing? That is our native, 7′ tall Morning Glory Bush… best $12 I EVER spent for the garden- it’s bulletproof and has bloomed for MONTHS now!
This is the front section that faces the house (to the right of the bridge.) That watermelon is taking over… but no melons yet. Not sure what I’m doing wrong there, but it’s healthy and is filling some open space so is allowed to go mostly nuts. (Level of how nuts: almonds, not Brazil nuts)

So… there are sections that look great. And sections that look AWFUL with bare dirt and dying plants. Since it’s now much too hot to plant anything we’re kinda stuck with the dumpster fire sections for a few more months.

I have plans though! In the biggest bare section I’ll be putting in a Meyer’s lemon tree surrounded by fern leaf lavender. Maybe then I’ll put a blue table under it then and write a gardening book about French cottage gardening and be my own grandpa about that damn book, as it were.

The plants to the right left of the pot are an upright form of culinary sage and the only ones I’ve ever gotten to take off. It’d be nice if I remembered the variety name, wouldn’t it? It sure would! I’m about 90% that the name had numbers in it… if that is helpful. They’re a good 2.5′ all dimensions each and were planted as 4″ pots just in April!

The butternut squash is going gangbusters as well. We’ve already given 3 away to neighbors. Only 17 more to go!

One days harvest. yaaay.

Here’s how homesteading would have worked had society collapsed: We would have eaten butternut squash for 2 solid weeks and then starved to death. Backyard homesteading is hard. Oh and the chickens arn’t even laying eggs yet. There is the rooster but he’s kinda my favorite, so… starved to death.

Same as last year, on the SAME plant as the full sized ones, I get the occasional single serving sized squash. IS mystery.

That’s it- more next time but I gotta run for now! Stay safe and healthy and take care of each other.

9 thoughts on “What’s worse: The heat or the coronavirus? Don’t answer that…

  1. That single-serving-size squash is very endearing! You are such an engaging and creative gardener, Lauren, I love to read about your experiments and plans for next year’s gardens.
    Your backyard looks superb. Val C.

  2. Wow–that’s a decent haul of butternut squash! My guess is that you would have eaten the rooster, even though he’s your favorite.

    I bet you get some rain from Hanna. I think I’m just a bit too far north. So, watering in the next few days. My relatives in CC (where I’m from) have battened down their hatches, so they’re ready.

    1. I bet you’re right about the rooster. Looking at the radar I’d say there is at least a decent chance you get some rain!

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