Some Sad News

It sure is, Jean-Ralphio.

So, not gonna ease into it: on top of everything else going on, my 16 year old cat Wally got hit in the road this week. He so seldom went in the street, it’s kinda hard to process that’s how it ended for him.

This good guy.

It was a hard night when it happened, finding him, explaining it to the girls, digging a grave in the dark. Saying goodbye. For all of that, I am mostly just overwhelmed with a predominant feeling of thankfulness to have had him for so long. But no getting around there is an empty space that he used to fill that translates to a sustained low level of sadness for all of us this week. He was everyone’s favorite.

It’s especially noticeable in the mornings. I used to wake up with him tucked under my arm every day- so its really obvious he’s gone the second I wake up.

Here’s how much I loved that cat- I’m uploading a damn picture of me having fallen asleep watching tv to the INTERNET to convey how he used to sleep and how great he was. Yes I considered cropping myself outta this picture, HARD. But it lost the sense of scale you get as to just how big he was. I’m leaving it as is.

He was a fan of mine- and sometimes I’d just go: Man! why does this cat love me this much?! I like to think it was like Thor and Mjölnir… and it feels good to know I was worthy of him.

We buried him in the nicest spot in the garden and I ordered blue eyed grass and a white cat whiskers shrub to go in that spot. He has a nice stone over him. The plants are in and the evening I planted them we had a good rain to settle them in.

White cat whiskers shrub
Blue eyed grass is a member of the iris family, not a grass, and has a yellow eye, so I don’t know, man. But Wal was my blue eyed guy, so blue eyed grass he gets.
Proof the world is a fundamentally good place, because creatures like this can come into it as a free kitten posted in the newspaper. Chance giveth, and Chance taketh away.

Hell of a lead off of a blog post, huh? As I’m doing all this week, I’m just going to keep plowing on.

Also this week I discovered that chickens can climb ladders, after I had to follow one up and catch it ON MY METAL ROOF right before a thunderstorm rolled in. (Ladder was leaning against the side of the house.) I remember thinking that I better not die rescuing a damn chicken, because that would be a The Good Place worthy death right there. “How’d you die?” “Oh I was struck by lightening getting a chicken off the roof- the rest of my life was less ridiculous generally less ridiculous though.”

Side-note: Big recommendation for The Good Place if you haven’t seen it- the children and I are binge watching it on Netflix and it’s been really, really great.

Two weeks ago we went to a rental house on the lower Guadalupe with my brother and his kids. This is right before the river hits the bay, so it’s a brackish water/ “you don’t want to fall in” section of the river. The children spent the majority of the time blissfully fishing and caught some truly mammoth fish: mostly catfish, alligator gar, and a huge redfish.

Also there are alligators.

Not only are there alligators, but our 11 year old got a fish stolen by an alligator as she was reeling it in- a story she will remember for literally ever.

We saw a great horned owl and our oldest dug through an owl pellet we found on the deck. (with a stick, not like her hands or anything.) It mostly looked to be squirrel hair but also had a vertebrae and a little femur in it. We don’t have squeamish children.

We saw comet NEOWISE while we were down there- amazing how your peripheral vision is the best, isn’t it? We could all see it most clearly when we were not looking directly at it.

Did you know the comet got it’s name for the NEOWISE telescope it was found with? That its name is all capitalized like that because it’s an acronym? NEOWISE officially stands for Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. But we ALL know it’s because some NASA Matrix fan came up with the acronym, never dreaming we’d all be saying the word this much back when the telescope was built in 2006 and launched in 2009. I can’t find any timeline on its initial design, but I bet it was in 2003 when the last Matrix movie was released. I’m gonna have a hard time letting this theory go.

Back to the trip, it was nice to get away for a weekend.

Sure the mosquitos were huge, and owls pooped on the deck, and there were alligators and alligator gar everywhere… but for 3 days we didn’t have to see this kinda thing so it was great:

Jackass walked through the whole store like that.
It’s 1,000% like that.

You know, it’s hard to walk around and see that, or the people with it intentionally pulled well below their noses (not the ones doing it that way because of glasses), and realize these people literally hate all the rest of us and want us to know it. So much anger! And such a lack of understanding what liberty really is!

And which, the fuck, is it people? A private business should be able to make their own decisions when it comes to making (or not) a wedding cake for a gay couple… but shouldn’t when they require wearing masks in their stores? Or that you’re fine with having to wear a seatbelt, or drive the speed limit, or that some stores allow pets and some don’t, or with “No shoes, no shirt, no service” signs but not this? Our town literally has places that also have pants on that list… we’re a river town and if you didn’t say that you do get a bunch of brick house shaped women in swimsuits wandering around the grocery stores with a shirt on, and flip flops, but no pants. It still happens sometimes though. But like… people are dying, this is more important than the pants and shirt requirements.

Sigh. Boggles the mind.

Also boggles the mind: people against the Black Lives Matter protests because a few of them are looters and so give the protesters a bad name, but think the police are all good and worthy of support even if a few of them are bad apples. WHICH, THE FUCK, IS IT!

Jumping to other news, I passed my favorite historic marker while walking the dog to the farmer’s market yesterday.

That’s a lot of words for “guy said he was gonna build a castle for his future wife here and then totally didn’t.”

That’s it, that’s all I got till next time.

17 thoughts on “Some Sad News

  1. Oh crap! I’m certain you gave Wally a great life, and I hope that’s a comfort to you, Lauren. What a strange, strange year. On the lighter side, I also have enjoyed The Good Life. 😉 Stay safe, stay sane, stay hilarious.

  2. Well, that is sad. Sniff. It’s remarkable how much we love them and how important pets are to us. I’m sorry for your loss.

    I have an elderly cat, diagnosed with heart failure almost 2 years ago, but still hanging in there, living his best kitty life. He will die, probably sometime soon, and I will miss him profoundly.

  3. I hadn’t known what NEOWISE stood for, Lauren, and am glad to have that mystery solved. Wally as a kitten was the most endearing little creature who grew into a stately and gorgeous adult, it’s such a sad thing to lose such a being.
    How about two nuts in western Minnesota going to a Fleet Farm store with bandanas with swastikas plastered over their snouts??? Their point, to the extent that they had one, is that the next step on this journey will be Nazi Germany. Hmmmmm . . . .

    1. Thanks Aunt Val.

      I did see that video about them saying if Biden is elected America would turn into nazi Germany so they were actually protesting against it- the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard. But you know, regardless of what political point I’m trying to make I surely don’t have swastika bandanas lying around, so their argument doesn’t quite hold up

  4. Gosh… I am so sad you lost your friend. Can I just give you a hug? ((hug)) It’s so hard to lose our sweet furry friends.

    And I agree with everything you have posted.
    Vote! Vote! Vote! Is my new motto…

  5. RIP Wally. I was fortunate enough to know this wonderful cat. He brought a unique sense of “fAng-shui” to a beautiful New Braunfels Victorian home. Wally’s loved his family with all of his heart and I hope your sadness heals soon. To Wally!

  6. I can totally empathize about your cat. Bin there. Doesn’t matter what I say. It won’t change how you feel, but am sending you a virtual hug anyway. As for the rest of your post, I get the sense that you have that Jimmy Buffet song going around in your head (from Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude) – “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.” What a time to live through! Hang in there.

    1. Appreciate it, and it really is a time to live through. Makes you realize why “may you live in interesting times” is a Chinese curse and not a phrase of well wishing!

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