A Day in the Lonesome October

I am resolved to stop with beginning blog posts with “It’s been a busy couple of weeks…” Considering we have three kids, multiple house projects, two full time jobs, and holidays and visitors moving through the calendar and house that is obviously a “no shit, it’ll be like that till ya die” statement. So like, here is a recap of some of the recent goings-on.

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Of Swimsuits and Fishing Lures

(Originally posted a few years ago, but reposting due to upcoming swimsuit season.)

Fishing and watching River Monsters re-runs has completely ruined me on swimsuit shopping. Look, I had a bit of a shark phobia to begin with, but now getting eaten by a catfish is a real fear too? (FYI, it’s always catfish. Or Tiger Fish.) Ugh. It’s amazing I love the water as much as I do.

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