My Book is Out!

Sorry for the long time since the last post- but I was using every spare second I had to knock out my book project on Dia de los Muertos! It’s out! It’s on Amazon! Right here! I’m so excited!

Is it a pseudonym? My real name? It’s one of those two!

Anyway- it’s no novel. But it IS (I feel) a pretty thorough guide to the things you need to know about the holiday if you are a newcomer to celebrating it. I’ve already sold 10 copies! One of them to someone not family!

Anyway, there is NO pressure from me, but if you WOULD like to read it it would very much be appreciated. As well as online reviews being so, so appreciated! I can’t really promote it with any marketing until it has about 5 reviews, so any of those would be great too.

So it is self published through Amazon, which was an interesting thing. There is SO much to the formatting and cover creation and ISPN numbers… it was a whole thing. But it also… was easier than I thought. Just matter of getting them each, one by one, done and checked off the list. I did find it weird that Amazon didn’t have options for formatting the paperback cover and the Ebook cover the same. To me, I prefer the ebook cover, which do you prefer?

Also… it isn’t perfect. And I had to depublish to correct spelling and grammar mistakes… at least four times. And while that is too many, and while there are more probably waiting to catch, I really had to subscribe to the “Done is better than perfect” concept… which, yeah, that’s frowned on in books, I get it. And yet “published and imperfect” sure beats “not ever published at all and sitting in a draft folder on my computer” any day of the week. It’s not in caveman speak or anything though, in case I’m overplaying this part. It’s not like, “Fire bad. Sugar skull good.” I just may have missed some commas, is all.

Anyway. I really did work really hard on it. And I am really pleased with it. And I know it’s niche, but it’s out there in the world… and that feels pretty damn good.

12 thoughts on “My Book is Out!

  1. Congratulations! I may need your autograph… you are now famous! I don’t know many self published authors. Bravo my friend!

    1. Thanks! Swing by central Texas some time and I’ll get you that autograph and a beer- the beer will have some value at least! Lol

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