Camping, Dia de los Muertos, and Our Adorable Dystopia

It’s somehow October- and the year is both going by faster and slower then I ever thought possible. Can we PLEASE just get to January 20th already? Fun fact- that just reminded me that I texted all my friends the REM song “Its the End of the World” on that date in 2016. I was TRYING to be funny. Little did I know.

Random Funny Things Lately:

Wish it were different but…
I feel personally attacked up in here.

That last one reminds me that it IS the start of fall ’round there here parts!

So it also means it’s this season!

2020 ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos

I added some calacas (that’s skeletons to folks who don’t own this) and they are WAY bigger than I expected them to be- I’m pretty thrilled with them:

We had to move them farther down on the wall once we realized you could just see the legs through the window to the street. “Public Hanging” was not the aesthetic we were going for.

In other news we went “camping” last weekend. (Was a cabin, and therefore didn’t count as real camping. Well, it kinda counts as it was the world’s shittiest cabin.) We were scoping out places to hold our annual friend’s group camping trip. (Sounds irresponsible I know but… okay it kinda is. All families have been generally careful other than this thing though) This place was NOT gonna be it, unfortunately.

At least some of the scenery was nice…

And the campground cat was sweet:

He seemed well cared for and living his best kitty life and therefore didn’t come home with us

And the nighttime stroll under a full moon was awesome:

I realize this picture could be daytime in California lately, but that’s actually the moon and not the sun. And normal night time darkness and not smoke. That is NOT coffee in that mug. Bet you wouldn’t have guess that it WAS champagne though, would ya? SUPER underutilized camping drink.

That campground used to be my FAVORITE place ever- we used to camp there when I was a kid but the new owners have trashed the ever loving HELL out of it. Place has so much potential too, there were monarchs in the trees, birds, awesome old trees, beautiful bluffs, clean and clear river. But the worlds trashiest cabins, for some reason an exotic animal park, and they’ve let the best primitive camping area degenerate into a totally unusable area covered in downed trees. The place itself remains and may we win the lottery so my husband and I could buy it.

It was nice to get away though.

And yet the pandemic drags on.

Pandemic playtime with the back fence neighbor. What an adorable dystopia!

And finally, here’s a cactus:

That was supposed to be a non sequitur ending to this post but of COURSE I can’t leave it as just the picture and have to say that I took those as cuttings from the back pasture at my in-laws ranch and I’m super thrilled with them honestly.

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