Did I used to be able to come up with witty post titles or am I kidding myself that was ever a thing, I wonder?

I don’t know where to start on this blog post, so I picked a random generated word to prime the ol’ pump. Word: Water.

Okay- the first that comes to mind is the clear water in the San Marcos River yesterday where we helped our nephew film his entry for the National Rice Scholorship.

Did you know that plant sticking out of the river is Texas Wild Rice? And is only found at the headwaters of the San Marcos River? And is what we used to snorkel through when we lived there 15 years ago and always wonder what that plant with the long strappy leaves was? Now we know!

Okay, pump primed… with water. Apt.

On to chickens. The top to the chicken run is finally on, because even though they are all just bowling balls with feathers they have no problem clearing a 6′ tall barrier.

Exhibit A: Muffin the bowling ball

I am actually not convinced that Muffin is laying eggs yet as I’ve never ever seen nor heard her do it. Dot? yes. Cheerio? for sure. But here is Muffin, the biggest of them all, and I don’t know if we’ve gotten one egg outta her. And Dot, the meanest, tiniest chicken, is the best layer with just about an egg a day.

Maybe it’s not so bad Muffin isn’t an egg machine because we’re already almost overrun with eggs as it is.

I bought one of these for the fridge to replace the overflowing cereal bowl we had been using for egg storage:

Ours has more blues and yellows.

Even with more egg storage space I’ve still been looking up recipes that take a lot of eggs… so in fact made this deliciousness again last week since it takes 4 eggs and we had ripe calamondins:

Blurry picture, but it was the best I could get before it was gone

Recipe for Bundt cake here.

In cat news, lately I get hit with waves of really really missing Wally, my cat of 16 years who died a few months ago.

Earned his place on the ofrenda for sure

The other cats, as I maybe have mentioned before, are stepping up the furry cuddles that I’ve been craving.

Is it the white chin hair Alabama loses on the white duvet cover? Of COURSE it isn’t.
Lacey is the tiniest little squirrel of a cat but has surprisingly big paws for her size. We solved her licking herself bald issue over the summer by switching to a grain free food and using a liquid allergy supplement in her food.

A part of me thinks the cats are just filling the vacuum and establishing norms and boundaries now that Wally is gone, and a part of me thinks they’re reaching out knowing it’s what I need. The truth lies in some ratio of the two but whatever it is, I’ll take it.

Seeing those 3 pictures of the white, black and brown cats together like that just dredged up a far off memory of these 3 stuffed mice toys from Ikea my oldest loved when she was 4. There was one white, one black, and one brown mouse… and she named them Whitey, Blacky, and Browny. You don’t know parental horror till your child yells out that she can’t find Whitey while in public. They became at home toys ONLY.

In the garden… it’s a little trashed right now honestly. Lot of weeding to do, on the cusp of pulling out the summer annuals but not quite ready for it yet…

Good GOD are the cactus flowered zinnia plants ugly! And the flowers look terrible and raggedy in the garden… and yet as cut flowers they are MAGIC in the vase. Ugh… I’m still deciding if it’s worth the look of them outside as to if I’ll grow them again next year.

The world’s BEST zinnias I’ve ever grown were the pink Oklahoma zinnias I grew this year. Oklahoma Zinnias are more globe shaped and smaller flowered than normal garden zinnias. I read a blog by a florist who does cottage style wedding flower arrangements that Oklahoma zinnias are her favorite because they have that perfect combination of familiar and different at the same time. I would agree.

I am for sure wanting to grow them again next year and so was trying to decide what color to buy for next year (white, pink, apricot, red, yellow) but then my plant started reseeding. Looks like they come true from seed too, so all I have to do is save some seeds from the plants this year and I’m all set!

Check out the perfect form of this seedling growing in the sand of the BBQ area (we’re not done with the brick yet). And it looks that great in straight sand, grown in the hottest months of the year, and without supplemental water!

As for the houseplants these days… well.

That’s all I have to say about THEM!

I’m scheduled this week for my first shift as the Democratic alternate judge at my local polling place… so should PROBABLY start reading the manual anytime now. I shadow another judge for a day in early voting, have a day of early voting on my own for more training, then work a 14+ hour shift on the 3rd. I’m wondering how it will go and what kinda craziness will ensue… I’ll keep you posted!

Off to try to do something productive today or take a nap… time to find out which!

5 thoughts on “Did I used to be able to come up with witty post titles or am I kidding myself that was ever a thing, I wonder?

  1. And I believe Bexar county is kicking some voting ass? Their numbers have been pretty high. We’re at 97% registered and each day there have been more voting than the previous days (except for today…). That said, the voters of Harris County deserve rewards for thumbing their noses at the gov’na, et al. GET OUT THE VOTE!

  2. Have no idea what being a democratic alternate judge entails (or if I totally just outed myself as super ignorant by admitting that) but it certainly sounds like you deserve some kudos for that civic duty!

    1. Appreciate that! Basically the part in power (Republicans) are in charge and the election judge is the highest authority at polling place. BUT any decision that judge makes needs to be agreed to as the alternate judge so it’s like a checks and balance. (If we don’t agree it goes to the election office to decide) I can also dismiss polling clerks or call the cops, if needed. The 2 judges are also the ones who sign off on the final count and submit it together.

      So, and I don’t say this lightly, I’m like super drunk with power already. Lol

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