Oh Right! About that Second Vaccine Dose…

As I wrote about here I got my first Moderna shot back in April in the city of Gonzales. Did I get the second?! Can I keep any kind of logical succession of posts and topics going? Nope, all cat buttholes and being tired all the time round these here parts. (I slept well last night. Substantially less grumpy today- fyi.)

As I wrote about previously I went to the City of Gonzales to get my first Moderna shot. This is a hour’s drive away. I told lots of people about it, which is how I ended up chit chatting with my neighbor for the 2-hour round trip as she went with me.

Gonzales rocked their vaccination clinic; I was really impressed with it after the first shot. Equally memorable was going and taking my shot under this sign.

Don’t mind if I do!

So I made mention to a few folks: “haha, I should make a t-shirt about this!”

And then I made a t-shirt about this. It arrived 3 days before I was due for my second shot.

It ain’t much but it’s honest work.

Before I headed out I texted my husband that I’d be pissed if I didn’t end up in the paper- guess it is all about the glory with me.

So I didn’t end up in the paper, but I did have a county judge take a picture with me so that was something. I also had a nurse tell me I should sell them (looked into it- good lord is that complicated). And now I have a $27 shirt I’ll not wear out again but that does get worn as pajamas. Totally worth it.

And I’m protected from the deadly disease too so there is that.

How’d I feel? I felt fine the day of the shot. Felt like I was DYING the next 24 hours (fever, chills, body aches, lethargy… the whole 9 yards.) and then was absolutely fine like a curtain lifting 24 hours (to the HOUR) afterwards.

And yesterday my oldest got her first Pfizer shot at a vaccine clinic at a church in Seguin. Yet another find from my husband’s work- that’s 3 of 3 on those.

Her twelve year old sister was registered to get it at the same time but wasn’t feeling well- allergies, looks like, but still- you don’t get a vaccine when your immune system is already firing about something. She tested negative for strep and covid- I did take her in on Friday. We’re hoping for next week for her first dose.

Since the children will all have the Pfizer shot it means I’ll have to read just about every article ever on the various vaccines as I got Moderna and my husband got the Johnson and Johnson. First world problems, I guess.

So there you go: we’re quite close to all being protected (potentially September for the 5 year old, I hear) and it feels good.

My husband and I have gone out a few times- so that’s nice.

We’ve looked into some vacations.

We’re almost there, you know?

Almost there.

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