It’s Negative to be Positive

I tested positive for Covid yesterday. The rest of my family is negative according to the home tests, so I’m isolating in the bedroom with my own bathroom. I wish it were more like this:

But it’s more like this (overly-dramatic as it may be…)

Symptoms are mild and my husband is taking good care of me, the girls, and the house while I’m stuck in here. It is a little sad to hear the bustle of a normal day and not be able to be out there.

I’ve talked to my doctor’s office and the nurse recommended deep breathing, 30 minutes of sunlight a day, short walks, and then when she started talking about Vitamin D, C and Zinc I went: “Oh. You’re one of those…” in my head. This town is flush with that Ivermectin, anti-vaccine “I trust my immune system so take these essential oils and vitamins instead” mentality so it makes me wonder. There was something in the way she kept emphasizing “immune system” as well… it all got my radar up for some reason. But whatever, I’ll take the vitamins and do the breathing and the rest. I called my Endocrinologist to see if my Hashimoto’s thyroid disorder is anything to be concerned about (it being autoimmune and all)and was reassured it isn’t. I feel like that’s the extent needed for now, and so will mostly just wait it out.

And here’s the thing, to all those people shouting it like it’s a slogan- I DON’T trust my immune system! I needed a drain put in my hand after getting bitten by a stray kitten once. This bastard fought an 8 oz kitten and lost! I got 8 UTIs in one year back in college, and the flu used to knock me on my ass yearly!

So yeah. I totally took the vaccine. And I woulda taken the antibodies if recommended. Since it looks like I won’t be, I got a pulse oximeter… which may be going too far but it was $13 with next day shipping. I may be okay but my wallet won’t be after this is all well and done, methinks. But I’m keeping an eye on things as this runs its course. What else can I do?

I did have some weird dreams this morning drifting in and out- bright colors and Día de los Muertos images- which I chalk up not my impending death but to the fact I’ve been immersed in trying to get my book about it revised and out there. Which I did! My neighbor and friend manages the cool toy store in town and bought some to display with their Día de los Muertos stuff! DOES THIS CONVEY HOW EXCITED I AM! Like oh my god- my book, on an honest to god shelf, in an honest to god store! Agh! But then… I got covid. So my husband ran the books down to the store, and I don’t get to go see them for at least a week or so. Bummer. But STILL!

I did some major editing that was needed and got a new cover. So excited about this one! Also available on Amazon: Found Here (I get a small commission if you purchase through the link I’m legally required to say)

I took a draft of the book down to the San Antonio Market Square to show to the various shop owners a few weeks ago and didn’t get any takers, but I did get quite a few high quality brushoffs. I get it- the visual inspection of a white chick shopping a book on Día de los Muertos doesn’t pass muster. Part of me was all: “Yeah! You tell that white devil!” But the other half was like: “Awwww, that white devil is me.” I then started taking cards and emailed most of the rest of the shops instead so I could let my last name do more of the heavy lifting.

I literally have a part in the book about cultural appropriation vs appreciation/participation and how to not misstep… but you can’t see that written on my face, I get it. And it made me feel bad for a little while. Am I in the right here? Was writing this book presumptuous and appropriation-y for me to have done? But then I remember the best Asian Studies professor at UT was a woman from Italy with a thick accent, who I was lucky enough to take a class with my freshman year. A student asked her why she was an Asian studies professor if she was Italian and she scoffingly replied that our interests are not limited to where we are from. I’ll never forget that. 

And so, back to the here and now: I am stuck in my room and won’t be able to set up my own ofrenda, or hang the papel picado until next weekend (if I test negative by then). It would have been what we’d be doing today, under other circumstances. Instead I googled “things to do during covid isolation” and was like “please don’t let clean your closet be number one….”

“Clean your closet” was number one. 


11 thoughts on “It’s Negative to be Positive

  1. Oh, no! I’m sad to hear about the positive test result, but I’m happy to hear the symptoms are mild and that the vaccine is doing its work! You seem to be in pretty good spirits (no pun intended, but now I can’t figure out a way to write the sentence without using an accidental spirt/ghost pun, so I’m moving on) and I hope you are able to keep that up!

  2. I am REALLY sorry to hear about the Covid, but you make me laugh so much. (This line is gold: “I did get quite a few high quality brushoffs.”) And YAY!!!!!!! for the book! The cover is gorgeous!!! how cool that it is being sold in a real store wooooo!!!!!! Go you.

    Oh, also, feel better soon!!! Unless you manage to sneak the real Paul Rudd into your bedroom. In that case, I’d really drag out the “illness.”

  3. Hands off that closet, Kiddo, I’m sending you one of the best and most therapeutic novels in
    the Western Hemisphere, it should arrive Monday, then all you need to do is immerse yourself and let even a somewhat wimpy immune system do its job!

    1. You heard the generals orders, no closet cleaning for this one! Thank you- and I look forward to a good book to throw myself into!

  4. Take good care of yourself, Lauren. Let us know how it goes. I hope you only have a mild case and get plenty of resistance to any future coronavirus bugs floating around. Glad the rest of your family is okay.

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